Collection Data

Carnegie Museum of Art shares its collection with the community. Why should our collection data be any different?

CMOA Collection Data allows users to request information about our artworks and have it delivered in a usable form. Like the museum itself, CMOA Collection Data is intended to be used for discovery, inspiration, and innovation, allowing people to creatively reimagine and re-engineer our collection in the digital space.

CMOA is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through art. We champion creativity and its importance to society with experiences that welcome, inspire, challenge, and inform. We are continuously researching and updating our understanding of the objects in our collection, so the data will be updated regularly to reflect those changes. We encourage feedback from participants exploring the information, and we can’t wait to see what you create with our data.

Access the CMOA Collection Data, get instructions on how to use it, and—coming soon—see what others are creating in partnership with CMOA.