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Ever Widening Circles of Shattered Glass

Lawrence Weiner (American, b. 1940)


Medium language + materials referred to Measurements No Measurements Credit Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd, Jr. Fund Accession Number 86.52 Location Gallery 13, Scaife Galleries


Lawrence Weiner began his exploration of the written word as a sculptural material in the late 1960s. He first started using language as artwork in a series of books that explained what hypothetical sculptures might look like, a theme that carried over to his next application of text: placing words on the wall. This approach, seen in Ever Widening Circles of Shattered Glass, was a critical development in Weiner’s practice, commensurate with his assertion that “walls were built for things to be put on them.” The artist believes that incorporating art into our everyday, built environments encourages deeper interaction between the viewer and the work. In line with the first tenet of Conceptual art, that the idea behind an artwork is more important than its physical manifestation, Ever Widening Circles of Shattered Glass does not have a prescribed location and can even be installed in more than one place at one time. —From gallery label, by Douglas Fogle and Karin Campbell, 2009