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Hollis Frampton (American, 1936–1984)


Medium 16mm film; color, silent; 8 min. Measurements No Measurements Credit Gift of the A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Accession Number 72.22.1 Location Not on View


Hollis Frampton, one of the most accomplished and influential American artist/filmmakers of the late 1960s and 1970s, was closely associated with several important painters and sculptors of that period, including Frank Stella and Carl Andre. While his films were conceived partly in terms of the conceptual and systematic artistic concerns of American art of that period, they also often encompassed cosmic and mythic references. Frampton made Lemon using a series of shots all from the same stationary camera setup, with subtle changes in the lighting from one shot to the next. The shots are edited together with nearly invisible dissolves, and the resulting apparent (but artificial) movement evokes a mysterious planetary body.

Artist Bio

December 16, 1971
Ernie Gehr
272 Degraw Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11231
Dear Ernie:
Many thanks for your good letter to me, and such a thorough information sheet. I’m very sorry to be so long in answering you, things have simply piled up here lately. Ernie, we are completely programmed for the rest of thi3 season so will not be able to consider having you here for a screening and lecture until after next September. However, what I mentioned to Michael was that as soon after the l3t of the year as possible we are planning to send out a letter from our newly established film makers workshop offering it as a teaching facility to any film maker who wishes to teach (workshop, seminar or whatever). You will write up course descriptions, fee, dates, etc. We will publicize, then if enough students sign up, you fly into town and teach, if not, nothing is lost - everyone stands to gain. Various members have spare beds and are willing to house those who come, so no expense there either. We see it as a really good thing. You teach what you like (your speciality) they take what they like etc., etc., etc. The workshop includes 2 still labs, 8, super 8 and l6mm editing equipment (a Somembeck horazontal editor), sound mixing stuff, a fandberg and an animation stand.
I haven’t seen "Serene Velocity” yet Ernie, but keep hearing from Hollis, Michael & Stan Brakhage how very beautiful it is - so I’m eagerly looking forward to it.
Have a lovely holiday and do please forgive the delay in hearing from me. Sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.) Film Coordinator